First week of classes

Actually class only started on Wednesday. Sorry for the lack of updates. I still don’t have internet at the apartment.

My host mom and I are getting along better now. I think we just had to get used to each other. I’m doing my best to eat all the food that she makes, but I’m still having trouble stomaching fish and slimy things. (^^;

I think class will go well. They seem to be trying to keep the workload to a minimum in the Japan Studies classes. (Anything not language) I haven’t had my history class yet but I’m looking forward to it.

If you didn’t see my post on Facebook, I already saw the Rurouni Kenshin movie. It was amazing!! I have plans to see it again tomorrow, this time with some friends from the exchange program.

I also accidently found a Volks store. (Ball-jointed dolls, for those that might not know) I knew there was one somewhere near Kobe, but I wasn’t actully looking for it.

I’m going to try to start posting some food posts so you guys can see what I’ve been eating. I’d like to figure out how to get pictures from my phone to post in a smaller format.

First week of classes

2 thoughts on “First week of classes

  1. Wow, Volks, That takes the mind off study!!!!! Do you have your eyes set on any of the dolls in the shop? Do you think you will be brining a rare one back home when you get back?
    Can you get Mc Donald’s on campus to make up for the food you are not able to eat? Looks like you may lose a lot of weight there if you are unable to eat. Food is comfort. If you can tolerate Miso soup can you ask her to make it for you? If she knows what you like perhaps she can make it for you.
    Do you pay her or does the school pay her for your room and board?
    When our son Mike was in Bejing he tried almost all the food there. His co workers over there were surprised at the fact he would eat the spicey food so well. Once they had their fun with him and trying new foods they made sure that they woudl take him to places where he could eat what he liked. He did not eat the spinal cord or fish heads or monkey or bees and other insects.But he ate the blood soup and fish, chicken and duck. He likes Sushi and Tai food too, He goes to a Tai restaurant in Cleveland and they know him and he does not have to tell them they say the usual spicey? He nods and says” yes”.
    Anyway, Have fun and enjoy. It is a trip of a lifetime. Perhaps you will be there for the Hiso festival of Dolls?

    1. Thanks, Susan. I pay the room & board/tuition to the school and then they pay my host mom. Even if I don’t really like the food, I’m trying to eat it anyway. She hasn’t made all that much fish either. I think she likes chicken a lot, too. But maybe it’s more expensive here.

      I didn’t actually buy anything at the Volks store. I haven’t wanted a new doll for a while now. There’s 1 or 2 in particular that I would want to buy right now. If Volks released a boy Dollfie Dream of Himura Kenshin (that’s not asking too much, is it? :p) and if they released a SD17 Tsukasa Konoe. Even though I already got the SD13 version. Though if I get the chance, I would like to attend a Volks event while I’m here, just for the heck of it.

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