Another Test Post

This one is to see if I can first receive the comment notification email on my cell phone, then I’ll see if I can reply to the comment by replying to the notification message. Sounds complicated but it shouldn’t be. So! First comment is the winner. \(^o^)/

Another Test Post

8 thoughts on “Another Test Post

  1. Darn. It doesn’t seem like any of my replies from my cell phone went through. 😦 I did get the notices about all of your comments though. I’ll have to continue trying to figure it out. Not having internet at home is kind of a pain. Boo.

    Thanks, guys!

    Dad: Classes are going fine. I have a kanji test today. ^^” Should be interesting. I’ll let you know how I do. 🙂

    Margaret: I can’t wait to see the pictures. Could you also tell Em or Eden to check their email? ^^” Or maybe I should just email you in the future if I need to ask you guys anything?

    Mom: Love you, too! ❤

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