I found spaghetti! XD

I found spaghetti! XD

9 thoughts on “I found spaghetti! XD

  1. sort of – what else what in there? looks like tofu and raman noodles and chicken – but very edible. if tofu is done right – and i can’t see then doing it wrong – it can be extemely tasty.

    1. Nope, not tofu. Just noodles (that were a little chewier than I’m used to, but otherwise fine), cheese (parmesan & mozzarella), mushrooms and some green leaves (maybe cilantro or oregano, not sure ^^”). So nothing really Japanese about it at all. I’m happy about this. 🙂 I’m not adjusting to the food options too well and I haven’t been *really* enjoying food lately. Though my host mom did make pancakes for breakfast with peaches on top. That was definitely tasty. 🙂

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