Random Update

It seems like the pictures are coming through better than I’d hoped. I think I’ll continue posting them separately though so you guys get the larger photos. I still haven’t gotten my comment replies to work from my cell phone though. Boo. 😦 I did get the comments to forward to my cell phone, so that’s something at least. I can see your responses in real time, just not reply to them.


Things are going well. I finally had my Japanese History class today. So I’ll be taking that and the Japanese Business class. I never had a business class before so I figured this would be a good one to start with. The other options were Japanese Literature and Linguistics with a focus on Japanese. But I’ve had both of those at Pitt before. Even though I’ve had a Japanese History class at Pitt before, I wanted to do this one anyway. Since it will most likely be presented from a different perspective since a Japanese person is teaching it. It also covers a slightly different span of time than the previous class.


So expect more food blog posts and random pics. Hopefully I’ll remember. ^^” And I hope my host mom doesn’t think it’s strange that I’m taking pictures of her meals. Not sure about that yet.


I was going to try to see the Piece movie (starting Watanabe Shu and Miura Ryosuke from Kamen Rider OOO) but it looks like the closest showing is in Osaka and I’m not sure I could get there before the movie is finished playing. 😦 I’ll just have to wait for the DVD I guess. Maybe that’s good. I probably shouldn’t spend too much time in movie theaters while I’m in Japan. I mean, I already saw the Rurouni Kenshin movie twice and I was considering seeing it again. I did find a theater that seems to have 1,000 yen showings for women on Wednesdays. :p It’s better than 1,500 yen…

Random Update

4 thoughts on “Random Update

  1. Aww, shame that Piece is a rough one to get to, but I suppose it makes sense it’d have a limited run, being more of an art movie from what we can tell about it so far.

    Your classes sound interesting – you in a Business class should be all sorts of Occam’s Razor fun – and I’m happy that they’ve finally started! 😀

    Big hugs as i head to bed. *SQUEEZE*

    1. Yeah, it does kinda suck. -_- We’ll both see it eventually. Not sure how expensive the DVD will be either. Meh.

      Heh. I’ll let you know how the Business class goes. 🙂

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