Talking with my host mom

We were sitting down for dinner tonight and I told her that I went shopping to get a couple things. I bought a few notebooks, a book cover (that ended up being the wrong size and I need to figure out if they accept exchanges), and two Kamen Rider W belts (they have 6 memories included & batteries). I bought two because both Emily and I will need one for our Shoutaro (me) & Phillip (Emily) cosplays. We kinda just decided to do it, but of course we won’t be able to do it until I get back hhome.

So! K-san (host mom) was surprised that I like Kamen Rider.

Now to talk about the food. K-san is really testing my food tolerance within the limit of my dislike for fish. (Though she did feed me salmon…) Tonight’s was boneless chicken (with some skin), mushrooms, and brocolli in the chicken broth. I ate all of it except the skin. O_O Brocolli is weird. I definitely prefer the stalk over the tops. The tops feel kinda fuzzy and that’s just too weird.

After we finished eating, we continued talking. Both of her sons have jobs related to music. One does live singing performances, I forget what kind but I think I’ll get to see him peform at some point, and the other son is a music producer. I’m not sure what that entails exactly, but it sounds cool. And her daughter works at Toyota.

She also told me that I will get married and have babies. Ummm… That’s not very likely. I tried to tell her that I don’t really want to get married but I think she just ignored it. (-_-;)

And now she thinks I’m going to do homework on a Friday night. It’s so strange to have a mom again. Especially since I’m 32 yrs old.

I don’t have any plans for tomorrow yet, but I probably won’t do too much. I might just explore the surrounding neighborhood.

おやすみなさい。 Oyasumi nasai.

Talking with my host mom

7 thoughts on “Talking with my host mom

  1. Clark says:

    Wow! If you happen to get any more details on what the sons do / what bands they may have worked with, I’d be pretty interested.

  2. Linda says:

    You know it’s kind of nice for your host mom to care so much. It sounds like you are staying with a very nice person. As to getting married and having kids, it just may be a cultural/generational thing.

    1. Oh, she is very nice. It’s just been a while since I’ve been “mothered.” Though it’s more like “grandmothered.” Heh… I’m certain it is a cultural thing. One of the girls that I met at Konan University was telling me that she can’t wait to get married and have a baby. O_o Yeah, not me. My parents were never pushy on that kind of stuff either. In fact, I’ve asked them if they are concerned about me not getting married and having kids yet. And they just kinda shrug and say whatever you want to do. (FYI, Mom & Dad, I love you guys for that. ^_^)

  3. *hugs~* I am glad she fed you chicken! Chicken is always good. (I don’t eat the skin off of the fish that Eden makes us, so I can sympathize on that regard.)

    I wonder, does she know how old you actually are? I wonder if your canon typo is as apparent to her eye as it is to ours 😀

    1. She has to know how old I am. I’m pretty sure I’ve told her but it was also on the profile sheet that I filled out for the Host Family Placement. *shrug* I’m sure it’s just a cultural thing.

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