22 September, 2012 19:45

I watched Kamen Rider Wizard this morning. \(^o^)/

Thank you for the responses to my info request post. Some of the comments need to be approved before everyone will see them (because you guys hadn’t posted before). When I get internet access on Monday you’ll see them.

It was pretty cool watching it on TV, but my Japanese isn’t good enough to understand everything. Almost but not quite. This was the first episode I’d seen so I know basically nothing about it. I’ll watch it all eventually. What episode # was this one?

I think K-san is taking me out for lunch today, along with doing a little shopping.

22 September, 2012 19:45

3 thoughts on “22 September, 2012 19:45

  1. That was episode 3! The show’s premise is that Haruto is a magic-user because when the villains tried to force a mass amount of people with potential (these type of people are Gates) to give in to their despair and become monsters, everyone else gave in to their despair and Haruto fought his down (you’ll see flashbacks of him gaining demon wings then reaching for the eclipsed sun and forcing the power back down inside him). Now he’s Kamen Rider Wizard and the bouncy one following him around has always wanted to be a Wizard, and Haruto’s response is “no, you really don’t.” (Implication: it takes a lot of sacrifice).

    The rings each have an element/ability (think Fourze switches) and the ones he puts on the victims (Engage, Please) are the ones that let him go inside and battle the demon inside them to close their Gate (the purple fractures on them as the villains try to turn them) to save them.

    Also, he adores plain sugared donuts and thinks a bit highly of himself.

    So far the rings we’ve seen have been Fire, Sleep, Tiny, and a green earth one which i think was called Huge, but I forget exactly. What was the blue one named?

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