It’s kind of a long update, so just click on the link here to see all of it →

Konan University’s Konan International Exchange Center (KIEC) posted a few news updates on their website about the events they’ve held for us during the past month. Here are the links to the web pages.

2012-13 Year-in-Japanプログラム学生来日!Konan University Welcomes Exchange Students!
Brother & Sister Program茶話会実施!Exchange Students Meet Their Email Partners!
2012年度後期国際交流フェスタ・留学相談会を実施しました!International Festa & Study Abroad Consultations!

Here are the bigger versions of the group photos.
Welcome Party
Pen-pal Meetup

Before I left I created a Skype account, but I wasn’t able to use it before now because I didn’t have internet at home. I just felt like it would be strange to be talking to someone, possibly loudly and in English, on the college campus. But the first person that I got to talk to was Emily! ^_^ I had been emailing her a bit but this was the first time that I’d heard her voice and saw her face in about a month. It was a lot of fun. Unfortunately, I think her computer wasn’t cooperating so she couldn’t see me. Boo. Maybe next time it will work better. Or I wonder if the Google video chat (hangout?) will work better/differently? Mom and I used that one the other night and that seemed to work well. So I’m not sure if Skype is really all that different.

Tomorrow I will be going to Ikea with K-san. A good amount of her furniture is from Ikea, but I think that’s because her kids got it for her. I think she wants to get a new set of drapes for the sliding doors in my outer room. I’m looking forward to the Ikea food and getting a good floor cushion. She has a couple that I can use, but they’re not very comfortable. I might get myself a new pillow, too. I really hope they have the hazelnut chocolate. ^_^

So they do this thing in Japan, in restaurants mostly I think, where they have a set price for a certain amount of time where you can pick from a list of beverages (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic) and drink as much as you want. It’s called nomihodai.

I also found this on Wiki. Konpa
I’m a little hesistant to post it since whoever reads this might think I’m going to become an alcoholic during my time in Japan, but it’s part of the culture and I’m a responsible adult. It’s also kind of interesting especially if you’re not familiar with Japanese culture. From what I know and have seen, I think the article is fairly accurate. Of course I haven’t experienced all of the various forms of konpa, just a simple welcoming party.

I was talking more with K-san the other night about Kamen Rider and she was talking about how her sons really liked it when they were younger. She even started singing the theme song. It was pretty funny and really cute. ^_^

I’m planning on going to Toei Eigamura sometime while I’m here. They’re the company that owns Kamen Rider and Super Sentai and the park is like Universal Studios theme park. I’m not sure when I’m going yet, but I’m really excited to be able to see some things up close. They even have samurai and geisha reenactment areas of the park. ^_^ And you can dress up as one or the other and walk around the park. I wonder if they let the girls dress as samurai…

One last thing…

Yamada Yuki, the actor who played Joe Gibken (aka Gokai Blue) in Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger, will be performing on a new show that begins airing tonight. He’s also the one that I did the cosplay of at Tekkoshocon and Otakon this year. There’s a lot of good actors that will be in the show, but I’ll be mostly watching it for Yuki. It airs at midnight here so I’m trying to find things to keep me occupied until then. ^_^


3 thoughts on “Update

  1. Linda says:

    Thanks, Kristi, for all the links. I clicked on each one and found you in the groups pics. You look so happy and relaxed. You must be really enjoying yourself. As to drinking games, you are a responsible adult. (Never doubted it.)

    1. That’s kind of funny. I was everything but relaxed in the Welcome Party photo. I was the biggest bundle of nerves that day. Glad I pulled off looking like nothing was wrong. Heh. ^^” If you check on Facebook, there are a few newer photos of me since then. ^_^

      (For anyone else clicking on the link, you’ll have to be my friend on Facebook to see the pictures.)

  2. Felix says:

    Ski in a skirt. I giggled. 🙂

    Looks like things are going well though! Good to hear! You should get a video of K-san singing the tune… Hehehehehe. Feel free to add me on skype too! Same name as the e-mail. That’s how I roll.

    Keep the pictures and the posts coming!

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