Major Update – I got a job!

For anyone that doesn’t follow me on Facebook, I figured I should post about my big news here. ^_^

I am officially returning to Japan in Spring 2015! \^_^/

I had applied for a position with the JET Program, but I unfortunately did not pass the interview stage. I didn’t give up though. The next application I submitted was to Interac. The company does essentially the same function as JET (as far as I can tell), but it’s not managed by the Japanese government; they are a private American company. I haven’t received my placement yet, nor do I know exactly what date I will be leaving, but I’m not even concerned about it. I’m so excited to be able to go back to Japan.

I’m also kinda terrified. Teaching? They hired me knowing that I have no experience teaching. I guess I did well enough on my demo lesson, that they think I will be able to handle the job. I just have to keep up my motivation and do my best. 頑張るよ!

I know that I didn’t keep up with my blog while I was in Japan before, but maybe I can do it this time. If I have a planned update schedule, like every 2 weeks? At least once a month? I will try to keep it updated. It’s the easiest way for me to keep my friends and family updated on what’s going on.

Until I actually leave for Japan, I probably won’t update until the time of departure gets closer. I mean, my life here is going to be pretty boring. Just working at The Pitt Shop and 7-Eleven, and saving money so I can afford my apartment upon arrival in Japan.

So thank you all for sticking with me. I hope to provide some entertainment or at least slightly interesting things. ^_^

Major Update – I got a job!

I knew I would be horrible at blogging. ^^”

UPDATE: I just realized that there are a number of bunches of photos that I haven’t even uploaded to Picasa yet. ^^” Once I get them uploaded, I’ll make another post with those links. >_<

I would first like to apologize to everyone that had been anticipating my posts while I was in Japan. I suddenly stopped posting and I think I may have worried some of you. I’m really sorry about that. ^^”

There are a number of reasons (not excuses) for why I stopped posting, but mainly it was because I became busier and busier with homework, making lots of new friends, going out with those friends and trying to see and do as much as I could while I was in Japan. And 9 months was not long enough. I wasn’t ready to come home at the beginning of June and I still very much want to go back. Though as I look back at the posts I did make on this blog, I really do wish I had continued posting at least the small picture updates with the simple cell phone that I had. I think I would have found it really enjoyable to be able to look back on those later on. But I did still take a ton of pictures and I was posting some things on Facebook (where I was able to connect with many of the new friends that I made. Both Japanese and other foreigners).

For those of you that haven’t seen my pictures that I posted on Facebook, I’ll post the links here (from Picasa – see below ^_^) and you can check them out when you have a chance. I’ll warn you, there are A LOT of pictures. When I was on a day trip, or on a field trip, I usually took more than 100 pictures per day. I was even able to go to Taiwan for 5 days in February!

I’ve been home since June 4th and I went back to my job at The Pitt Shop 1 week after that. I’ve been working basically full-time since then. With a short break in there when my friend, Cerian (I met her while in Japan & she’s from Wales!), came to visit Pittsburgh and attend Otakon with me. And just this week I started classes for the Fall semester. If all goes as planned, I will be graduating this December. Which I’m really excited about. ^_^ Half of the reason for that excitement is because usually the Winter Commencement for Pitt is held inside The Cathedral of Learning. My current plan is to find employment in Japan. I’ll probably look for a job teaching English, possibly with the JET Programme.

I may continue updating this blog periodically. Especially since I definitely plan on going back to Japan. Hopefully for longer than “only” 9 months. ^_^


20121111 Karnevals Party

20121121 Nara Field Trip Day 1

20121122 Nara Field Trip Day 2

20121208 Suma Aquarium

20121209 Luminarie

20130112 Umeda Sky Building

20130201 Day 1 Taiwan

20130202 Day 2 Taiwan

20130203 Day 3 Taiwan

20130204 Day 4 Taiwan

20130205 Day 5 Taiwan

20130223 Cat Cafe

20130322 Pub

20130328 Okonomimura/Hiroshima

20130329 Miyajima/Hagi

20130330 Hagi/Iwakuni (LOTS of Sakura! aka Cherry Blossoms)

20130529 Tea Ceremony w/Mom (Mom visited me in Japan! :D)

20130602 Osaka Castle (with Atsushi! :D)

I knew I would be horrible at blogging. ^^”


I’m really sorry for the lack of big updates lately. I have a lot of things to post about, but I’ve been kind of busy lately. And I was trying to get all of my pictures uploaded online before I made the post. I’m hoping that keeping you guys sated with little photo posts will be enough for now. Heh… It’s just a lot easier to take a photo and send it from my crappy cell phone with a simple subject. I figured out that if I don’t add text to the post (other than the subject heading), it will also post the photo straight to Facebook. 😀

I hope everyone is doing well back home. I miss home a lot. Well, I’ll admit that I miss the food the most. XD I miss everyone, too. I’m off to do some (probably late) Christmas shopping today, and to see The Hobbit. Luckily the movie will be in English (with Japanese subtitles).

I’ll be in Tokyo over the winter break so I’ll be posting pics from my phone the whole time (Dec 24-29). Then I’ll post the ones from my camera when I get back to Kobe.

Merry Christmas, Everyone!


Yakiniku Tabehoudai!

Also, you all should know that I tried everything. I do mean everything. I even tried the stomach/intestines “meat.” I’m not sure which one it was, but it doesn’t really matter. It looked pretty weird. It was really chewy and it was really gross. ^^” But! I ate it! I will admit it wasn’t the taste that was bad, it didn’t really taste like anything too different. It was the texture and the fact that I knew what it was. I’m really proud of myself. So there.