The Storage Unit

Random update.

I thought it might be interesting to see where one’s stuff might go when you don’t really have any other options and you’ll be out of the country for most of a year. This is what my storage unit looks like. Everything that I’m not taking to Japan is crammed into a 5′ x 8′ space, Tetris style.

This is also a test post to see how well posting via email works. 🙂

おやすみなさい。Good night.

The Storage Unit

I still can’t believe it’s real

I will be leaving for my study abroad trip on Sept 3rd. I’m finally going back to Japan after 8 years. The first time was only a 1 week guided tour, but I absolutely loved it and I didn’t want to leave when the week was over. So in less than a month I will begin my adventure of participating in the Year-in-Japan program at Konan University in Kobe, Japan. I am really excited (and nervous), but it doesn’t feel real yet. Probably when I’m finally on the plane it will feel different. I’m sure I’ll be a bundle of nerves and excitement the closer the 3rd gets.

I will be living with a Host Family, or more precisely, a Host Mother. M-san has 3 children, 2 sons and 1 daughter, but they’re all older and they live elsewhere. I’m very, very nervous about living with only M-san. She doesn’t speak or read English so that means I’m going to have to get good at speaking Japanese very quickly. I just hope that I don’t do something insanely stupid and offend her. ^^”

I’ve also been writing to 2 girls that are students at Konan University. They seem like very sweet people and I can’t wait to meet them. Ko-san was an exchange student in Australia so her English is really good. Ki-san works part-time in a crepe shop. :3 I’m really looking forward to trying the crepes from there.

There are so many things that I want to do while I’m in Japan. I just hope that I have the time and money to do all of them. I’m going to make the most of this trip and try to do everything that I possibly can. If I have to (aka if I’m able to), I plan on staying on after the program is over and do anything that I’ve missed. ^_^

I hope that this blog will be a useful way to let my friends and family keep up with me while I’m in Japan. I know I won’t have time to keep communication with everyone going so this will serve that purpose. I’ll also be able to post pictures so everyone can see what I’m up to. ^_^ I’m really not sure what else I should mention in this post. Please feel free to comment on my posts, I want to know what everyone thinks.

P.S. I really hope that M-san has a cat. >^_^< I’m going to miss my kitty.

(I’m not sure how people will feel about my mentioning their names on a public blog, so I’m going to use abbreviations for now.)

I still can’t believe it’s real